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Canadian Tire’s Most Canadian Ugly Sweaters

Social Campaign

Client: Canadian Tire
Agency: Community
Associate Creative Director: Robby Frankel
Senior Designer: Julie Bisson

The Idea: 

The perception around the rental market is shifting. Once deemed a less desirable option for housing, developers are redefining the rental product by offering luxury spaces where residents can experience an elevated and flexible lifestyle – mortgage-free. 

Inspired by the segments found in narratives, Chapter is a luxury development launching in downtown Toronto (with future chapters to launch in other communities). The identity is a representation of the various segments in a renter’s life – captured through linear repetition, image slices and pattern – with a subtle tie to typography found in and around book covers. The system rolls out to a campaign that empowers the resident to 'mark their place in the city’ – a sentiment of freedom that circles back to the benefits of renting.


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