New to Canada:
Your Story Matters

XM (Spatial + Print + Digital)

Agency: Diamond Integrated Marketing
Client: TD
Designer: Julie Bisson
Spatial Renderer: Julie Bisson
Illustrator: Jackie Musial
Art Director: Sara Vinten

The Brief: Advance TD Bank's position as the financial institution of choice for New Canadians and create awareness of the NTC banking package.

The Idea: Create the TD Storybook, a summer-long activation that invites consumers to 'capture and share' their unique journey through an ad-lib storytelling app. The scalable footprint – inspired by pop-up storybooks – includes an immersive, three-dimensional photo experience that allows event-goers to pose amongst the landmarks of their Canadian journey. The storybook asset is a dimensional portrayal of the quintessential Canadian landscape – featuring a range of elements including flora, fauna, terrain, transportation and architecture. These elements were brought to life through simple geometric illustration.

Storybook Asset

Digital App


1.1 Welcome

1.2 Path funnel – story share vs. contest only

2.1 Data capture

2.2 Data capture - error pop-up

2.3 Data capture – residency

3.1 - 3.3 Story share - (sequential fields)

3.4 Story share - error pop-up

4.0 Entry confirmation

5.0 Contest opt-in 

6.1 Contest Rules

6.2 Contest Rules – decline pop-up

7.0 Thank you – page number

Photo Takeaway


10' x 40' Footprint